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My Name is Christina and my passion is bridal artistry.  Having worked as a stylist for 20 years my expertise is in up styling and wedding day makeup.  I have made my home here in Niagara surrounded by the vineyards and home of many other artists who share the same passion in weddings. What makes us different? We are  licensed professionals in the bridal beauty industry.  We continuously train and educate ourselves in what a bride envisions herself to be on her wedding day. We know how to make a bride look absolutely beautiful but still looking like herself. Trained with tricks to make fine hair look thick, and blemished skin look flawless. Experienced in contouring, color correction, wrinkling, rosacea, hair thinning. We will make you look your ultimate best. Bridal beauty is different in so many aspects when compared with the everyday look.  We are trained to work your makeup with a photographers lense, we use the best of hair and makeup products to help with those humid summer days that will make your hair and makeup last all day.  These are the reasons why you hire professionals , why you hire us. We are Purely Bridal!

Christina Maddalena
Owner/Senior creative Bridal Stylist

Booking 2024-2025
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